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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  December 6, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm CST

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thanks f joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. here are some of the top stories we're working on for you today. today. more than 100 guns were taken off the streets of greey first gun buyback campaign. shotguns... rifles... handguns... and even a couple of sawed off shot guns-- were turnedover to police-- no questions asked.and in turn police gave them a 25 to 50 dollar gift certificate.the department is already considering another drive next year investigators say the deadly warehouse fire in oakland could turn into a murder investigation. the warehouse was an art collective which hosted a dance party the night the fire broke investigation will include
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such as the city of oakland. with temperatures expected in the 20's in the coming days... emergency medical techs. say they're prepared for the cold. north shore fire rescue keeps warmers that can heat up i-v bags in its ambulances. the most common medical calls during the winter... are slips or falls... back injuries - or heart attacks - that happen during snow shoveling. this morning reed mostly cloudy and chilly with lows in the mid 30s along the lake and upper 20s inland. after some morning patchy fog, today is mostly cloudy and mild with highs near 40 around noon, and a few flurries late in the day. a cold front moves through the area this afternoon with westerly winds to 20 mph, temps in the 20s by 6pm, and lows near 20. wind
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wednesday g. out-of-state and graduate tuition could be raised again to help offset the impact of resident undergraduate tuition
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vote on a plan thursday that would raise out-of-state and graduate tuition by hundreds of dollars.the tuition increase would be at six four-year campuses and all the system's two-year schools. road builders, local governments and business leaders are all getting a chance to weigh in on how to pay for improving wisconsin's roads.the state assembly's transportation committee having an informational hearing today on the topic. the state department of transportation faces a nearly one billion dollar budget are split on whether raising taxes and fees should also be considered as part of the mix. now to the latest on the presidential party presidential candidate jill stein could be forced to pay the entire cost of michigan's statewide recount under a bill advancing in the state legislature.the house elections committee approved the legislation would require any candidate who loses by more than 5- percentage points to pay
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cost of the recount.those candidates now pay 125-dollars per precinct, which in stein's case is nearly one million dollars. more news now-- officials are on high alert today after an alarming call from overseas about a threat against a los angeles commuter train station. jonathan gonzalez is outside that station with this update. la county sheriff deputies are securing this location right now, the red line location here at universal city. can see behind us that they are heavily armed right now there are barriers that they have put up, they are also checking bags. senior law informant officials told nbc news that the threat came from a man using a pay phone in an overas western country. however they did not specify what cotry ths,owever threat level is low.the anonymous monday and was specific to this red line station, a very busy metro station in the city of los angeles.and the threat was specific to today.meanwhile the mta is stepping up security across it's entire
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people use it everyday.that's why authorities are urging riders not to be afraid, not to be scared but to merely be on alert for anything suspicious."im not super comfortable but i have to get to work so..." "this could be real, it could be a hoax, but we must remain calm but vigilant. and we're asking take the same precautions they would other day."the fbi is leading investigation along with the la county sheriff department and the los angeles police department.still working to determine just how real this threat may be.thousands of people us this red line location everyday .mayor eric garrett, in a show of with universal city jonathan gonzalez for nbc news. some i-r-s refunds will be delayed till mid-february.the i-r-s must hold tax refunds until february 15th for the millions of people-- who claim the earned income tax credit or the additional child tax credit.the i-r-s wants people to be aware of the change for their planning purposes during the holidays... and doesn't want anyone "caught by surprise" if they receive their refund a few weeks later than in previous years.
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person of the year is out.they include president-elect donald trump, hillary clinton, simone biles, and mark zuckerberg-- just to name a few.time's pick will be revealed tomorrow. and here's a look at twitter's most popular hastags for the year.for news and politics--- the top five are u-s- election... brexit.. black lives matter.. love is love.. and orlando shooting.and globaling it's rio 2016.. election 2016.. pokemon go.. euro 2016 and oscars. no frozen toes at blair elementary in waukeshis winter season. in t spiri of st. nicholas, meijer donated close to 400 children's boots. in the german tale.. if kids are good, santa fills their shoes with candy. each boot had a clementine, candy cane and a holiday card. some milwaukee public schools' students received free books today and a chance to meet a children's's part of the "my very own library
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help thousands of students build their own home libraries and develop their reading skills.this is the second year of the initiative. "this book fair is mostly about us having books because some people don't read, so most of the kids here, kindergartener to 8th, they don't read"the program kicked off in december of 2015 and during the last school year, the my very own library program distributed more than 34-thousand books to students in 10 m-p-s schools. still ahead - we'll get a look at the markets this afternoon... and -- no more waiting in line-- amazon announced it's latest idea called "amazon go"-- how it works and when more stores are
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taking a look at the market
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if you're one of those people who hates standing in line at the grocery store ... you're in luck. online retailer amazon has just announced its latest big idea.... a new way to shop for groceries in's called amazon go. sheinelle jones explains how it works. - what would shopping look like if you could just walk into a store, pick up a few items, and just "go"?no lines .... no check outs ... no registers ...the online "just walk out" concept on monday is taking the best of every type of technology right now and stitching it together. this is artificial intelligence at its very best. how does it work? you'll need a smart phone and a free you shop, the "amazon go" technology detects when products are taken from ... or returned to the shelves ... and keeps track of them in a virtual cart. when you're done shopping, you just leave the store. shortly after,
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account and send you a receipt. it's amazon's attempt to enter the brick-and-mortar arena - aiming to take a bite out of the estimated $674 billion market for groceries ... this ?new? way of shopping sparked instant reaction online...some poking fun at the idea."took a soda from the gas station. cashier said, 'sir you have to pay for that.' i said, 'it's ay i have amon i doing it wrong?"and "i know amazon go will charge my card but i'm still going to i shop."it's sort of like when uber came along and the first time you used it you got in the car, you had your ride, you got out of the car, you didn't pay and you felt weird about it? then two rides in, three rides in you forgot that you ever paid in the first place when you got out of the car? amazon is trying to make shopping kind of like that. right now ... they're open for business in seattle but only to amazon employees. the goal
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along those lines. or in this case, ?no? lines. there are a lot of questions on how this new shopping experience will work and also if this could mean a loss in jobs.according to the bureau of labor statistics, retail cashiers are the second largest occupation in the u-s. here's a live look outside... meteorologist brian gotter is back with the storm team
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this morning remained mostly cloudy and chilly with lows in the mid 30s along the lake and upper 20s inland. after some morning patchy fog, today is mostly cloudy and mild with highs near 40 around noon, and a few flurries late in the
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through the area this afternoon with westerly winds to 20 mph, temps in the 20s by 6pm, and lows near 20. wind chills will be near 10 by wednesday morning.wednesday is partly cloudy and windy, but highs will only be near 30 with wind chills in the teens as winds gust over 20 mph. thursday is mostly cloudy with flurries, winds gusting to 30 mph, and highs only in the mid 20s. wind chills will be in the single digits friday is sunny, breezy and cold with morning lows in the teens, highs in the low 20s, and a brisk wind to 20 mph. the next chance for snow is late afternoon saturday with highs in the mid 20s, and the snow continues on sunday with
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here's your prime time lineup on tmj4.packers live with larry mccarren at 6:30. followed by "the voice"-- "this is us"-- and "chicago fire"then it's more local news on live at ten. it's really exciting and really coola group of young cancer patients in chicago had a chance to fly to the north pole-- well sort of. short trip arrived at its destination - santa was there to greet the children. operation north pole is an annual united airlines employees volunteer to make the event a
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>> gabi: okay, so how formal is this thing tonight? >> chad: from what i hear, they are pretty chill for being ceos. >> gabi: okay, so how about maybe we skip the whole white shirt/tie thing and we try something chill? >> chad: mm-hmm. see, i have a--i have another problem. >> gabi: what's that? >> chad: they want to set me up with this woman that they know, so not only are they ceos; they're wannabe matchmakers. >> gabi: great, yeah. i mean, maybe you'll like her. >> chad: it's a blind date. i hate blind dates. i don't know how to get out of it. please. >> gabi: chad, well, why don't you just go? maybe you'll like it. >> chad: what are you-- what's jj doing tonight? >> gabi: well, he's working. >> chad: mm-hmm. >> gabi: he has to work tonight. >> chad: great, you're my date. >> gabi: what? >> chad: mm-hmm. >> andre: i don't think


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